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Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System (IICAS)

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IICAS is our very own Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System.

It’s designed to ensure collisions in working environments are reduced or avoided.

This revolutionary safety system is available across a wide range of articulated and rigid-frame machines to hire or purchase.

  • Improve safety and reduce risk across the worksite
  • Prevent possible worksite shutdown
  • Reduce the associated costs as a result of collisions

How does it work?

Using a True 3D Smart Camera to detect potential collisions, it informs the operator of appropriate measures to take and automatically stops the machine if required.

  • Gives an audible and visual warning to the operator and slows down the machine
  • Automatically adjusts the systems response time to match the machine’s speed and the required braking distance
  • System parameters such as field of interest, zone heights and widths as well as slowing and braking distances can be adjusted

How will IICAS benefit you?

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_1

Improve safety across the worksite

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Reduces the risk of human error

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_3

Maintain worksite uptime

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_4

Prevent unnecessary financial costs

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Detects both stationary and moving objects

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Works alongside traffic control and normal site risk management

Where can IICAS be used?

IICAS is ready to provide that extra level of safety right across your worksite with an increased level of visibility to prevent accidents, mishaps or worse.

It doesn’t matter whether your worksite is big or small, if you’re using an articulated or rigid-frame machine and you’ve got people, vehicles, other machines or structures around, IICAS will keep your worksite safe and moving.

  Any construction job across Australia

  Worksites with limited visibility

  Large equipment such as rollers

IICAS is available on these popular hire and sales roller models

Find out more

Want to improve safety and performance on your site? Speak with a Conplant representative today about including IICAS in your next hire.