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Meet Ken Peddle


Ken Peddle

Moits Civil Contractors

Ken Peddie’s dog has a lot to answer for.

When Mindy the Staffy had a nibble of a stranger while walking along the beach, Ken thought he might be in a bit of trouble.

That stranger turned out to be Doug Coleman, Conplant Director – and that chance encounter turned out to be the start of a fruitful relationship.

“Mindy would always run up to a random guy and chew on his leg hairs! It got us talking every time we saw each other.  After a few more encounters we uncovered the fact we both work in construction.”

Born and Bred at Marks Point, Lake Macquarie NSW, Ken Peddie has been in the construction industry for 35 years.

“It’s not just the great service that Conplant provide, but the extra time you take to develop the relationship with your customers.”

Two men in hard hats and safety vests shake hands at a construction site. The man on the left, who appears to be Ken Peddle, wears glasses and an orange and blue shirt, while the one on the right sports a white hard hat and a suit jacket under his vest. Construction equipment looms in the background.

He currently works as a Site Supervisor for Moits civil contractors, where he’s been for 11 months.

Prior to that, he was at Conaghan for ten years – that’s where he first got involved with Conplant.

After meeting Doug at the beach, Ken got in touch with Conplant and met David Broad, formerly the hire controller.

Conplant looked after Ken with availability, pricing and service – and Ken purchased a tandem roller in 2010 while he was working for Conaghan.

Ken now deals with Conplant for his compaction requirements and knows that he will be supported 100%.

So what does Ken love about the construction industry?  “Better the devil you know”, he jokes.

“It’s varied. I get to work on many different types of jobs with great people. I love working outside and enjoy a challenge.”

Outside of work, Ken owns a café and loves his sport, particularly racing, football and water sports.

And yes – he still walks Mindy at the beach!

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