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Michael Wiggins, a man with short dark hair, a trimmed beard, and mustache, is wearing a gray polo shirt. He has a neutral expression and is looking slightly to the side. The background is plain and light-colored.

Michael Wiggins

National Operations Manager

An operations professional with experience in sales and passion for numbers, Michael Wiggins oversees the day-to day-operations of all Conplant branches nationally.

Michael has worked in a number of positions over his 14 years at Conplant including Hire Controller, Branch Manager and now National Operations Manager. 

 “I take a balanced approach to transacting any deal, and strive for a win-win outcome,” says Michael. 

“For me it’s about empowering and developing a team so that they’re ready and able to provide the right support at the right moment.

“My goal is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality service while also maintaining profitability for the business. For me hire is about asset management, and I am passionate about bringing my experience and expertise to the table in this infrastructure boom era and beyond”. 

During his time at Conplant, Michael has been involved in a number of major projects including new branch openings, acquisitions and strategic planning. He says the key to Conplant’s success is staying flexible and moving with the times.

“Understanding that the things that work well today, may not necessarily be the things that work tomorrow and as a company we need to be forward thinking, innovative and adaptable. It’s those challenges that keep me on my toes.”

And what does Michael love most about working at Conplant?

“The people. Conplant is a family business and a great place to work with great culture. We have a good mix of long-standing employees and fresh new faces which enables us to ensure we remain knowledgeable and provide our customers with great advice and service.”

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