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Self-Levelling Transport Trailer

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We’re continually searching for ways to improve the construction industry in Australia through innovation.

That’s why we’re beyond ecstatic to announce our partnership with TRT to develop another world first.

Loading and unloading heavy machinery is part of everyday life on a construction site, but carries a significant risk. It’s especially dangerous on sites where it’s not always possible to find perfectly flat and even ground. Our Self-Levelling Transport Trailer is here to fix that.

How does it work?

Using levelling sensors and a remote control with a traffic light system, the new self-levelling hydraulic ramps automatically adjust their length and slope prior to an operator driving a piece of mobile plant on or off the trailer.
  • Ride height of the trailer automatically adjusts to a level position to ensure level loading.
  • The ramps of the trailer automatically adjust to ensure they are both level with one another.
  • The sensors also alert the operator when the slope of the ground requires the use of a winch or when it’s unsafe to load or unload.

How will it benefit you?

Traditionally, unloading or loading heavy machinery is either done by a winch or a static ramp system. However, there are occasions when a winch is not possible and a ramp cannot be safely deployed. This can lead to a variety of health, safety and site risk management problems, with the major risk being a compaction roller overturning.

The new levelling transport trailer will prevent this loss of stability when loading and unloading, preventing potential damage to the machinery or harm to your workers.

  • Reduce rollover risks when loading or unloading equipment on uneven surfaces
  • Prevent potential damage to machinery, operators or workers
  • Can be used when a winch isn’t accessible and a static ramp isn’t viable

Where can the Self-Levelling Transport Trailer be used?

Our new Self-Levelling Transport Trailer is ready to provide an extra level of safety right across your worksite. It doesn’t matter whether your worksite is big or small, no matter where you are in Australia, if you’re loading and unloading heavy machinery, this is the transport trailer for you.
  • Easy loading on both uphill and downhill
  • On sloping or uneven ground (left to right across the deck)
  • Wet, slippery or greasy ground
  • Soft or unstable ground

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