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Unmanned Remote Control Rollers

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Remote control machines are not new to our industry. What’s new and unique about the system we have developed is that the machine can be used in both manned and remote control with the turn of a key.

This revolutionary safety system is available across a wide range of articulated machines to hire or purchase.

  • Improve safety and reduce risk across the worksite
  • Prevent possible worksite shutdown
  • Reduce the associated costs as a result of collisions

How does it work?

Using infrared remote control, which stops the machine when the operator loses line of sight with the machine (infrared technology has become almost universal with trench compactors, which are the only class of compaction equipment routinely offered from the factory.

As high-risk applications may account for as little as 5% of a compactor’s working life, it was best to modify a production machine so that it could be operated remotely but still be used conventionally in low risk applications.

Other features that form part of our remote-control modifications include.

  • Warning lights and directional alarms when the machine is being operated remotely.
  • Automatic Park brake applied when not in operation
  • Remote control devices matched to specific machines
  • Operate up to 10 machines in the same area without interference

How will Remote Unmanned rollers benefit you?

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_1

Improve safety on embankments

Yellow-Mono-Icon_07 Parts_1

Clear visibility of drum edge

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_3

Maintain worksite uptime

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_4

Prevent unnecessary financial costs

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_5

Manned and remote control with turn of key

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Clear visibility outside of machine when working to an edge

Why is dual use important?

In some high-risk applications, where the possibility of rollover is assessed as high, the use of a remote-control machine may be the best or only option. Remote control operation can also be beneficial when working to an edge, i.e., working next to a concrete pavement, as the operator has clearer visibility of the roller’s drum edge.

It doesn’t matter whether your worksite is big or small, if you’re using an articulated machine and you’ve got a high-risk application, remote unmanned technology will keep your worksite safe and moving.

  Any construction job across Australia

  Worksites with limited visibility or large embankments

  Large equipment such as rollers

Unmanned Roller technology is available on these popular hire and sales roller models

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