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Meet Dary Samadi, a middle-aged person with short dark hair, glasses, and a broad smile, wearing a gray collared shirt. The dark background highlights their friendly and approachable expression.

Dary Samadi

National Manager - Service, Technical Support & Training

As a qualified mechanical engineer and with 22 years of compaction experience, Dary Samadi is the heart that keeps our entire hire fleet operating. Since 2004, Dary has been ensuring our fleet of over 1000 machines are in impeccable working condition, with regular servicing and maintenance, so our clients can get their jobs done as easily and effectively as possible.

“I’ve had about 22 years’ experience in compaction. People say they’re simple machines, but when you really look at them – the vibration systems and everything else – they’re quite unique.”

During his time at Conplant, Dary has overseen a number of revolutionary innovations including IICAS, a smart collision avoidance system designed to ensure collisions in working environments are reduced or avoided, Unmanned Roller, a unique hybrid design (remote and manned access) giving the user remote control in high risk environments and ROPS2, a rollover prevention system that warns the user of a dangerous angle and shuts down the roller’s vibration if required.

And the latest Conplant innovation Dary is excited about?

“Right now, we’re working on I-Steer Edge Control. Designed for articulated rollers, this automated steering control technology utilises sensors to automate steering to maintain a consistent path when working alongside an edge, wall or barrier.

“It can be difficult for roller operators to compact earth up to the edge of pavement or kerbs without collisions. I-Steer helps eliminate that problem by automatically steering the roller to compact earth up to a measured distance from the edge without touching it.”

Click here to read more about our I-Steer Edge Control Technology.

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