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Völkel Intelligent Compaction System

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Smarter, safer, and more efficient compaction with Völkel

Völkel intelligent compaction and navigation equipment measures, monitors, documents and controls compaction and compaction processes. Helping to provide a more even and high-quality compaction result for both earthworks and asphalt work.

Völkel is a brilliant innovation designed to keep your site safer and more productive whilst providing verified results for quality assurance and reporting requirements. 

  • Retrofit regardless of manufacturer – suitable for use on all roller types
  • Interchangeable with machine specific settings saved in the intelligent node
  • All in one transparency, analysis, remote access, and documentation
  • Measure subsoil rigidity in soil or temperature on Asphalt with Geo referencing

Where can Völkel be used?

Völkel is globally deployable and suitable for use on all compaction rollers regardless of make and model and can be used for earthworks or on asphalt compaction where temperature is critical. Offers the convenience of a solution integrated ex-factory where all machines are networked wirelessly.

There are no unnecessary retraining requirements thanks to identical components used for compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers.

  • Any construction job across Australia
  • Worksites with strict quality requirements
  • Full range of compaction equipment

Explore flexible options on our Völkel Navigator Kits!

Looking to Hire, Keep it Simple!

  • Hire a roller from Conplant already equipped with the complete Völkel Navigation System and pay a flat daily rate.

Looking to Purchase the Völkel Navigation System for Perfect Integration to your Fleet!

  • Simply purchase the complete Völkel Navigation system from Conplant and have it fitted to your machine regardless of compaction roller make or model.

Seeking the Ultimate in Flexibility?

  • Discover our Hybrid Options for a mix of Hire and Purchase, ensuring simple cost effective integration between multiple machines! 

That’s right, you can hire the Völkel Navigation System from Conplant and choose between purchasing single or multiple base installation kits, suitable for any compaction roller make or model. 

Let’s work together to ensure you’re getting the equipment you need. Enquire now about Völkel Intelligent Compaction.

An illustration of a yellow compactor vehicle labeled "Wacker Neuson" demonstrates Intelligent Compaction. Key components such as the Navigator display, GNSS receiver with modem, Intelligent node, Quick change display mount, and Vibration sensors are highlighted and labeled. This technology is now available from Völkel.

How does the Völkel system work on earthworks?

Utilising the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Völkel vibration sensors. The system measures the vertical acceleration of the drum and provides a real-time depiction of the number of passes, soil rigidity and machine position.

The measurement results are then displayed on the Navigator display unit, showing the operator the current level of compaction including geo reference points.

Völkel data gives you a complete view of compaction levels achieved across the project and is recorded at each pass.

How will Völkel intelligent compaction benefit you?

Völkel navigator is a modular system for the requirements of digital road construction that bundles together all solutions for compaction measurement and documentation into one system. The modular system offers suitable components for all roller types and is available for all current tandem rollers, compactors, and pneumatic tyre rollers.

All modules combine to give the operator more information throughout the compaction process, resulting in better work.

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_1

Improve efficiencies across the worksite

Yellow-Mono-Icon_07 Parts_1

Ease of operation and installation

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_3

Maximise worksite accuracy

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_4

Prevent unnecessary financial costs

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_5

Easy verification and compaction control

Yellow-Mono-Icon_02 Hire 6

Clear compaction documentation

How does the Völkel system work on asphalt?

Völkel uses an Asphalt temperature sensors to define the temperature of the asphalt, shows you the number of passes, temperature. and machine position in real time with geo reference points.

The temperature is shown on the Navigator display unit for operator control and can be used on all tandem and pneumatic tyre rollers.

An illustration of a Völkel construction roller machine with various labeled components highlighted. These include a navigator display, GNSS receiver with modem, intelligent compaction node, asphalt temperature sensor, vibration and oscillation sensors, quick change display mount, and an optional weather station.

Not sure if Völkel is right for you?

Speak with a Conplant representative today about including Völkel intelligent compaction in your next hire or download the Völkel product brochure below for more information. 

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Want to improve safety and performance on your site? Speak with a Conplant representative today about including Völkel intelligent compaction in your next hire.