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Meet Jack Alldridge

Jack Alldridge

General Manager of BK civil Group


Jack Alldridge is General Manager of BK Civil Group, which you’ll find south of Toowoomba in a little town called Cambooya. Jack’s a great bloke, a top footballer, and a Conplant customer (three great traits).

BK Civil Group owns around 100 pieces of equipment. Water trucks, articulated haulers, excavators, graders, compactors, road trains, side tippers and truck & dogs – you name it, BK has it.
Jack’s recent projects including supplying rollers for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing Project, Warrego Highway Upgrade Projects and four gold mines – Cracow, Lake Cowal, Mt Rawdon and Mt Carlton. Conplant is Jack’s first choice for compaction equipment. He’s been a great hire customer for many years.
A man, possibly Jack Alldridge, stands next to a large white and red semi-truck with the brand name "Western Star" on the front. The truck features various chrome details and the word "OVER" displayed on a yellow sign. Trees and a wooden fence set the scene in the background under a partly cloudy sky.

Jack was born in Warwick, QLD, in 1974. He originally started his working life as a pastry cook apprentice in Warwick – but he didn’t enjoy that much! Jack still lives in Warwick with his wife April, and he has five children (and a few grandchildren) that all live in Warwick as well.

On the weekends Jack loves his golf, 4-wheel-driving, outback touring and riding his Harley

Jack played rugby league for 30 years – from 5 years of age through to 35 years of age when he retired from full-time footy. He played A-grade for the Warwick Cowboys and Warwick Brumbies and he’s a huge St George Dragons fan (his home is covered in posters and memorabilia).

“Conplant is my preferred supplier for rollers. The support and service are excellent and they’re always easy to deal with.”

A rugby team poses for a group photo on a grassy field at night. The players, including Jack Alldridge, dressed in matching black and yellow jerseys, are arranged in two rows. Some stand while others kneel. Trees and a vehicle are visible in the background.

Conplant sponsored Jack’s Masters rugby league team which participated in the recent Pan Pacific Masters Games which was held on the Gold Coast from 2-11 November.

Jack said, “This is a great event that keeps us old ‘has-beens’ feeling like we ‘can still’. It’s a full contact comp played under the NRL rules, so no pretend tackling in this one!”

Jack’s team was named the “Jack A Memorial Team”, in memory of his dad John (Jack) who passed away last year. John worked in the Railways all his life as a fireman and driver. Players travelled from all over Australia to play for Jack and the team.

Unfortunately, this year wasn’t theirs, and they didn’t make the final – but they played in great spirits and a few of the Conplant team even went to watch the boys play.

Well done, Jack – and congratulations to you and the team. We look forward to working with you and BK Civil Group well into the future.

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