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Fulton Hogan


Fulton Hogan

Moorebank Development

Taking on the Moorebank development with Conplant.

Fulton Hogan is the contractor on Terminal 1 of Qube’s Moorebank Logistics Park (MLP) development, which is known as IMEX because of its integration with the Import Export rail shuttle.

The largest intermodal freight precinct in Australia, the MLP will become a hub for the efficient distribution of shipping containers entering and exiting from NSW. When fully operational IMEX and the interstate rail terminal will be capable of handling up to 1.5million freight containers per year.

For all the details check out the Moorebank Logistics Park Key Fact Sheet.

Currently, about 2.4 million units pass through Port Botany a year. It’s expected that this volume will increase to 8.4 million units by 2045. At full capacity, the Moorebank development will remove about 3000 heavy truck movements off Sydney’s road network every day. Thousands of long-haul truck journeys from interstate and regional centres will also be made redundant.

The project started in October 2017 and is due to finish mid to late 2019 – and Conplant is proud to be supplying the project with its compaction machinery.

Mitchell Tulloch is General Superintendent at Fulton Hogan. He’s worked with Conplant previously, on the Foxground and Berry Bypass Project.

Three construction workers wearing hard hats and safety vests stand on a barren construction site, engaged in conversation. A pickup truck bearing Fulton Hogan's logo is parked nearby, and the sky is partly cloudy with the sun low on the horizon, casting long shadows over the emerging infrastructure solutions.

“Conplant are able to provide suitable rollers for the various requirements throughout the project – and just as importantly, provide exceptional service and product support when needed”

Safety is, of course, an essential consideration for Fulton Hogan. On the Moorebank Logistics Park – as with any project – contractors need to know that the correct equipment is available and that it satisfies all the site safety requirements, is working efficiently and can be quickly serviced out in the field if required.

Mitchell said that when it comes to safety, Conplant stands out.

“The Conplant fleet is maintained to the highest standards and equipped with all the mandatory safety features. Conplant is happy to accommodate any site-specific requirements also,” he said.

Three construction workers wearing safety vests and helmets stand in front of a Fulton Hogan shipping container on a bustling construction site. One worker gestures while the others listen intently. The sky is clear, with tire tracks visible on the ground, indicating recent activity.

“Conplant provides us with access to a vast selection of ground compaction equipment, all the necessary forms and documents, clear communication throughout the hire process and on-site servicing at mutually agreed times to keep their equipment and our projects on track.”

Conplant wishes Fulton Hogan all the best for the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Development, and its future projects as well. For more information on our range, visit here.

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