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Liam Brosnan

National Product Manager

As a qualified heavy vehicle mechanic, and with 15 years of compaction experience, Liam Brosnan is known as the ‘CEO of product’ and has the most intimate knowledge on our full product range.

Since 2006, Liam has been involved in selling equipment, completing product demonstrations, helping with product warranties and spare parts, and he has also been known to jump in a truck to help a customer get out of a jam when needed.

“We’ve usually encountered most of our customers’ scenarios from within our hire fleet. As you can see, the role isn’t just what it says on the tin!”

During his time at Conplant, Liam has recognised that a number of larger companies are now realising the value of good compaction. It was a bit of an afterthought in the past, but some of these major projects now have warranties up to 20 years – so they really must get compaction right otherwise they’re liable.

“Conplant is starting to change minds – not just because we say so – but because we’re proving that it’s so much more cost effective in the long term. More and more people are realising there’s better and safer ways to do compaction, and Conplant has the compaction equipment and knowledge people are looking for”.

What is it about compaction and construction equipment that excites Liam?

“Conplant is the sole national distributor for the entire range of Wacker Neuson heavy compaction equipment, so I’ve had the chance to get up-close and personal with the entire range. The technical know-how behind the compaction equipment in particular really impresses me – and it’s no wonder they’re one of the world’s leading compaction specialist brands.”

“To put it plainly, if you haven’t got good compaction, nothing can go up. Skyscrapers, roads… if you want it to stay together, you can’t put it on uncompacted ground. So, that makes being a specialist in compaction a very important role and one I’m proud to be a part of”.

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