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Roll Over Preventative System - ROPS2

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ROPS2 is our very own patented Roll Over Preventative System.

When operating a compaction roller on uneven ground, ROPS2 helps to safely assess the risk of potential roll over.

This innovative technology was inspired through consultation with customers and extensive industry research, has won a National Safety Award and has been adopted by many industry-leading companies.

  • Improve safety and reduce risk across the worksite
  • Maintain worksite uptime by reducing machinery recoveries
  • Reduce the associated costs as a result of roll over
The image showcases "ROPS2" in large, bold letters with the letter "O" in grey. Below it, smaller black text reads "Roll Over Prevention System.

How does it work?

Utilising sensors that measure the axial angle of the compaction roller, ROPS2 is a visual and audible alarm that warns the operator when the front and or rear section of the roller reaches potentially dangerous angles.
  • When compacting on uneven ground, ROPS2 intuitively provides an ‘extra set of eyes’ when operating at potentially dangerous angles
  • When potential roll-over is first detected, an audible alarm will sound warning the operator so that immediate rectification action is taken
  • If the hazardous angle continues to increase, ROPS2 will activate and lock out the vibration function reducing the rollover potential

How will ROPS2 benefit you?

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Improve safety across the worksite

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Reduces the risk of human error

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_3

Maintain worksite uptime

Yellow-Mono-Icon_13 IICAS_4

Prevent unnecessary financial costs

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Helps identify safe and unsafe ground

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Works alongside traffic control and normal site risk management

Where can ROPS2 be used?

ROPS2 works well in any area where there is a risk of edge collapse. If you’ve ever compacted right to an edge before, you probably understand how important it is to be able to change direction safely.
  • On any worksite using compaction equipment on uneven ground
  • Compaction projects working along road shoulders or embankments
  • Anywhere where there is a potential risk of edge collapse

What machinery is equipped with ROPS technology?

Although ROPS2 was primarily developed for vibrating roller applications, the system can be fitted to most types of mobile plant. We have fitted ROPS2 to a range of articulated soil rollers, tandem rollers and combination rollers.

ROPS2 is available on these popular hire and sales roller models

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