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Meet Wes and Brady Faulkner

Two construction workers, Brady and Wes Faulkner, in orange safety shirts and work boots stand beside a yellow Wacker Neuson machine and a portable generator on a dirt site. A house with a dark roof is in the background, under a cloudy sky.

Wes and Bradley Faulkner

Coastal Dingo Hire

Wes Faulkner has been in the landscaping industry for over 20 years – 6 of which have included being part owner in his own landscaping yard.

His hire company, Coastal Dingo Hire, has been operating for the last 4 years, and his main clients are in and around the Sunshine Coast. Wes specializes in turf and slab preparation but offers all kinds of landscaping solutions as well and his choice of machinery is particularly effective for narrow access sites which are becoming more and more prevalent in the new estates.
Wes’ son Brady has just started working with his dad – the father and son team are getting through quite a bit of work together.
A person wearing an orange high-visibility shirt and a hard hat, possibly Wes or Brady Faulkner, is operating a yellow Wacker Neuson DT08 mini dumper loaded with soil. The scene is set outdoors on a dirt surface with trees and a fence in the background.

Wes’ wife Michalle says it’s nice to see the pair having some bonding time while on the job.

“I’m sure the biggest challenge for Wes is not motivating Brady once they get to site because he really loves working the machinery and is a natural born operator but as any parent will tell you, the biggest challenge is getting the young lad out of bed on time and hiding his phone!”

Equipment-wise, Wes and Brady use a K9C Dingo with 4 in 1 bucket, an auger drive and a trencher – plus the most recent addition: a Wacker Neuson DT08 dumper with front shovel.

Wes can see the Wacker Neuson dumper as a major focus for his business moving forward, and is already looking forward to adding another one to his armoury as he sees the massive potential of these machines in the landscaping industry.

“We’re already seeing a huge jump in productivity with the Wacker Neuson dumper when it comes to shifting material. In the past, we’d have had to use a wheelbarrow for a lot of our regular applications – the DT08 can do it in half the time.”

Two people, Wes Faulkner and Brady Faulkner, wearing orange and navy work uniforms and caps, stand next to yellow Wacker Neuson machinery at a construction site. A small loader and a motorized dump cart are positioned in front of a building.

As well as being a hard worker, Wes is also a lucky bloke – he was the winner of a Wacker Neuson pressure washer at the recent Conplant and Wacker Neuson Open Day.

Away from work Wes loves to take Brady and the rest of the family 4WDing up at Fraser Island whenever they get the chance. When he’s closer to home, he follows the Sydney Roosters in the NRL.

Thanks Wes for all your support – and all the best for the future of your business. We’re proud to play a part in it.

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