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Meet Steven Cirillo

Steve - EMO Civil

Steven Cirillo

Production Manager at EMO Civil

EMO Civil are excavation and demolition experts, earth movers and full-service civil contractors. Steven’s been in business for 30 years, carrying out civil works projects across the Sydney region.

Steven likes to hire his compaction equipment from Conplant, as he says, “Conplant offers great service and great equipment at the right price”.

EMO Civil began using Conplant in May 2018, after being approached by Joe Sanfilippo to talk about their previous experiences hiring rollers. Steven was aware of Conplant, but normally referred his roller hire to whichever hire company was closest to the job or came to mind at the time a roller was required. This usually meant he went with a general hire company and missed out on the knowledge and experience that comes with using a compaction specialist.

A construction worker operates a bright green Compulant road roller while another worker shovels gravel nearby. Both workers, including Steven Cirillo, are wearing orange safety vests and hard hats. In the background, there are stacked shipping containers and construction equipment.
Since using Conplant regularly from May 2018, Steve can attest to the difference that using a specialist roller hire company can make.

“We have a passion for big machines. We demolish what’s there then move the earth around so that each site takes on a new shape and is ready for a new beginning.”

“For comparable rates, the quality and presentation of the equipment stands out and the level of service and professionalism from the Conplant hire desk, transport drivers and the customer service managers goes well beyond what I have experienced in the past.”

Steven’s also a fan of Conplant’s quick communication and thorough approach.

”I like that I can call my local contact at any time during the day with my requirements and he gets straight back to me with a solution – and the rollers have always been on site and ready to start as planned.

There are many hire companies but using a specialist compaction company with true professional service has really made a difference to my projects.”

Thanks Steven, and best of luck to you and EMO Civil. We look forward to helping you out with plenty more projects in the future.

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