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Develon DX19Z-7B

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON: Where Doosan's rich legacy meets tomorrow's innovation.

Experience the DEVELON  DX19, where compactness meets excellence, delivering outstanding performance, safety features, and ease of maintenance in a single machine.

This formidable machine packs a punch with its exceptional performance, innovative features, and unmatched versatility.

Designed to excel in various applications, the DX19 offers a winning combination of power, agility, and convenience.

A robust 4-year / 6000-hour warranty underscores the commitment to quality. With the DEVELON DX19, experience excellence on every job site.

An orange and black Bobcat DX19Z-7B mini excavator with a raised arm and wide bucket. The machine features a protective canopy over the operator's seat and operates on rubber tracks. Labels and safety warnings are visible on the arm and body, showcasing a robust Develon design.

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4-year / 6000-hour warranty

Boom swing function for versatile work

Expand your capabilities with the DX19’s boom swing function.

This feature allows you to work in narrow areas and around obstacles with exceptional precision.

Maneuver the boom horizontally, giving you the flexibility to reach confined spaces and achieve optimal positioning for various tasks. With the DX19’s boom swing function, versatility is at your fingertips.

Powered by Innovation

DEVELON is a combination of the words ‘Develop,’ and ‘Onwards.’

The new brand name encompasses the direction of HDI to move onward to the future through innovation and its willingness to relentlessly change the world with innovative products and solutions.

Rapid and outstanding performance with ease of control

Whether you’re digging, lifting, or loading, the DX19’s high lifting and digging forces ensure that no task is too challenging.

Engineered to deliver powerful and precise hydraulic functions, this advanced system ensures optimal efficiency, smoother operation, and enhanced control.

From digging to lifting, the DX19 provides reliable hydraulic power for a wide range of tasks, boosting your productivity and reducing operating time.

Front view of a Develon DX19Z-7B construction vehicle with measurements shown for the width of the tracks and the attachment. The width of the tracks is 1,360mm and the width of the attachment is 950mm.

Variable track width for enhanced stability

Experience improved stability and versatility with the DX19’s variable track width.

Adjust the track width from 950mm to 1,360mm, enabling you to adapt to different terrains and applications.

Whether you need to increase stability for demanding digging or reduce width for narrow access, the DX19’s variable track width ensures optimal performance and enhanced efficiency on any job site.

Zero-tail swing for confined spaces

Navigate tight job sites with ease thanks to the DX19’s zero-tail swing design.

With its compact footprint and zero overhang at the rear, this excavator can work efficiently in narrow spaces without compromising on performance.

Say goodbye to concerns about accidental collisions or damage, as the DX19’s zero-tail swing ensures maximum manoeuvrability and safety, allowing you to tackle any project with confidence.

An orange and black Bobcat DX19Z-7B mini excavator with a raised arm and wide bucket. The machine features a protective canopy over the operator's seat and operates on rubber tracks. Labels and safety warnings are visible on the arm and body, showcasing a robust Develon design.

New Features

Variable Track Width

The DX19Z-7B features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted to between 950 mm and 1,360 mm. You can reduce the track gauge to navigate narrow spaces or increase it to improve functionality.

Close-up view of a construction vehicle's tracks and blade. The blade width is adjustable between 950mm and 1,360mm. The orange and grey DX19Z-7B proudly displays the number "1" at the bottom left.

Boom Swing Function

The boom swing function allows to work in very narrow areas.

Front view of the DX19Z-7B orange excavator showing its two side arms. The left arm is extended at a 70-degree angle, while the right arm is at a 45-degree angle. The angles are indicated with orange lines and text. An "Offer" sign paired with the number "2" is displayed in an orange box at the bottom left.

Well Balanced Work Range

All blades provide excellent departure angles and higher profile for better dozing performance.


Close-up image of a bulldozer attachment and bucket on the ground. Bulldozer treads and hydraulic components are visible. The number "3" is displayed in an orange box in the bottom left corner, showcasing the robust DX19Z-7B model perfect for your next project.

Easy Access Maintenance

Designed with easy maintenance in mind. From single maintenance access for the major component, to checking the fuel gauge and refueling through the lockable cap, all makes daily maintenance easier.
A compact orange and black DX19Z-7B construction vehicle, with its engine cover open, revealing internal components. It sits on black tracks and has a small, partially visible cabin. The background is plain grey, with an orange square labeled "4" in the lower left corner. Available for finance offer.


Operating Weight – Canopy1995 Kg
Overall Length (no attachments)3476 mm
Overall Width (Tracks extended)950 (1360) mm
Overall Height2360 mm
Ground Clearance419 mm
Engine Make / ModelYanmar / 3TNV70
Engine Fuel / CoolingDiesel / Water
Rated Power @ ISO10.3 Kw
Travel Speed Low / High2.0 / 3.7 Kw/h
Fuel Capacity20 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity16 L
Swing Speed9.6 RPM
Standard Boom Length1725 mm
Standard Arm Length950 mm
Arm Digging Force10370 Nm
Bucket Digging Force20835 Nm
Max Digging Depth2385 mm
Max Digging Height3573 mm
Track Width230 mm
Track Length1612 mm
Rear Swing Clearance1009mm

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