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Wacker Neuson RTLx-SC3 Remote control trench roller

The smart remote-controlled trench roller

The RT trench roller with the SC3 infrared-remote control offers proven compaction results with safer operation.

The smart control uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control. The machine stops moving and vibrating should the line-of-sight be lost or if the operator comes within three feet (one meter) of the roller’s receiving eyes with the control box.

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A yellow Wacker Neuson construction machine with its top cover open, displaying internal controls and warning labels. The machine features a prominent control dial and several buttons on the dashboard. The wheels and part of the base are visible at the bottom.

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The latest technology and safety innovations

Maneuver easily, work safely

Thanks to the articulated joint and the operation via remote control you will always have a reliable reception in trench shoring, even in blind zones through cross braces.

Far-reaching control and an intelligent proximity recognition sensor provides a transmission field of up to 20 meters. With an angle of 45 degrees guarantee a high level of working comfort. 

For added safety the unit will stop automatically if the minimum safety distance of less than 2 meters between the operator and machine is reached.

Yellow Wacker Neuson RTSC3 trench roller, equipped with large steel wheels and compaction drums, operating in a narrow muddy trench on a construction site. The machine's bright color contrasts with the brown soil surrounding it.

Additional 3rd infrared contact point prevents losses of signal

The location of the 3rd point of contact on the top side of the machine guarantees a permanent connection between the remote control and roller.

A black, handheld remote control device with a strap, featuring various buttons, switches, and a small screen. The device has a logo with a white and red design in the center. The strap appears to be adjustable for easy handling.

You just can't beat experience

The lower section of the RTLx-SC3 is completely maintenance free thanks to the drive system and exciter being provided with permanent lubrication. This makes the Wacker Neuson trench roller very economical to run throughout its entire service life.

The articulated joint increases the maneuverability around curved building segments, such as manhole covers or water tanks, without tearing up the ground that has just been compacted.

High compaction performance thanks to the strategically placed central, and low location, axis of the drums. This enables centrifugal forces to be directly transferred into the ground saving time and money during operation. 

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