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With Steve Urquhart

All Energy Contracting had been struggling to find the rollers they needed… Until Conplant came into the picture. Here’s how we met them . . .

All Energy Contracting is working on the Avonlie Solar Farm project (in Sandigo, west of Wagga Wagga, NSW) and required 2 x 15 single drum rollers for the project. They were after both a Smooth Drum Roller and a Padfoot Roller but weren’t able to find a supplier that had both of them available. 

Fortunately, once they finally contacted Conplant, we were able to sort them out with precisely what was needed. One of the things customers love about Conplant is our national footprint — and for All Energy Contracting, this came in very handy. We were able to deliver the Smooth Drum Roller from Sydney and the Padfoot Roller from Melbourne, ensuring they had exactly what they needed to get the job done.

After a few weeks of hire, the company realised that they would need a Smooth Drum Roller longer term for this project and also for other All Energy Contracting projects in the future. So they decided to contact the Conplant team and see what we could arrange.

They got a quote for a new Wacker Neuson RC160 T3 Smooth Drum Roller and we had the model on hand. Before too long, they had the new machine on-site, ready to roll!

“Our Wacker Neuson roller has been a godsend and the team has been giving me very positive feedback, which is great to hear. Combined with the fantastic service, we only have great things to say about working with Conplant”

They also decided to get the Padfoot Shell Kit. This attachment allows you to convert your Smooth Drum Roller into a Padfoot Roller if you need to. This means you don’t need to go ahead and buy a second roller — saving a lot of money. It’s common for contractors doing earthworks and civil works to purchase a Padfoot Shell Kit when they purchase a Smooth Drum Roller.

All Energy Contracting really liked being able to test the Wacker Neuson machines before buying:

“One of the great things about buying from Conplant was that I was able to test the Wacker Neuson Roller range while hiring their machines. That made the decision a lot easier to buy Wacker Neuson.”

– Steve Urquhart, All Energy Contracting

A construction worker in an orange safety jacket and white hard hat stands in front of a yellow Wacker Neuson compactor on a dirt construction site. The sky is cloudy, and patches of grass surround the area, part of All Energy Contracting’s latest project.

We’re the first to admit that fitting a Padfoot Shell Kit is not as easy as clicking your fingers — but it can definitely save you significant costs in the long run. The kits come in 2 or 3 segments and take a few hours to fit to a Smooth Drum Roller. You need a forklift, a crowbar, and a rattle gun to fit the kit. It usually needs 2 people working on it and only around 1 hour to remove it. To remove the kit you need an oxy torch to cut the bolts that hold the segments together. 

All Energy Contracting’s operators on site are very happy with the performance of the machines. They are enjoying the comfort in the cab, thanks to the 3-point articulation, great visibility, and user-friendly ground-level daily checks.

“Conplant is a Deutz dealer they clearly have some really skilled technicians. This also gave me more confidence to buy from them.”

– Steve Urquhart, All Energy Contracting

Steve was recently the happy winner of our Wacker Neuson Fire Pit competition. Congrats on your new Wacker Neuson Fire Pit, Steve! And good luck with the Avonlie Solar Farm project.

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