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Meet Rebecca Seaborn

By Liam Brosnan
September 19, 2022
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Meet Rebecca Seaborn

Bec is a warm and highly-valued member of the Conplant family. Celebrating her 10 year Conplant anniversary we had a chat with her about work, family and stargazing (among other things).

This past weekend (September, 17 2022) marked 10 years at Conplant for Bec. She is such a loving and generous member of the Conplant family and we couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this amazing milestone with her.

Bec has worn many hats during her time here and she is extremely valued (and relied upon) by her team. From managing contractors to running inductions, she is definitely a multi-talented force of energy in the company.

Bec is actually not the only member of her family that is part of the Conplant team. Speaking of her husband, Jamie, who also works at Conplant she jokes…

“So he works at Conplant as well. He’s a Truck Driver.” Bec quickly stops herself to add… “But I was here first!” with a cheeky giggle.

Rebecca Seaborn, wearing an orange safety vest, is sitting at a desk in an office. She is talking on the phone and using a computer. Various office supplies and documents clutter the desk, while a printer is visible in the background.

Speaking about her role, Bec is very clear about why she has stayed with Conplant. To her, great people and an opportunity to help others is at the core of why she enjoys her role.

“I love my job. I really do get enjoyment out of helping others. So it’s seeing the end result and making sure that everyone is happy at the end of the day… I guess that’s why I’m in this role. My happiness is truly being able to help people.”

“I’ve been working with this team for quite some time. I’m probably one of the shortest in years that have worked here. We’ve got a lot of people that have worked here for 10 years plus. But the team that I work with… like my Branch Manager, Luke, he is awesome. And the direct team that I work with, I couldn’t ask for a better team,  that’s what keeps me coming back.”

Rebecca Seaborn, with her long hair flowing, is wearing an orange safety vest while sitting at a cluttered desk in the office, talking on the phone. The desk is scattered with papers, a computer monitor, water bottles, and office supplies. Shelves with binders and a printer are visible in the background.

Casting her mind back 10 years, Bec also has some fond memories of her first day at Conplant.

“They were very welcoming. They actually showed interest and they asked me where I’d come from. Also on my first day I got to meet the Managing Director (Ian Coleman) and found him really approachable. I’ve never met a Managing Director that I could converse with in a personal way. You don’t normally get that in a company. Normally they’re in an office and you don’t see them!”

Bec has a wide range of diverse interests outside of work and these days they often revolve around one small human. Bec talks about her favourite hobbies right now…

“Working out, outdoors definitely. I’m a mum to a 3-year-old and at the moment he is very active! So I love spending time with him. I get outside with him and get him doing activities and I do my workouts… When I was working on Hamilton Island I was heavily involved in bootcamps and stuff like that — so I can pretty much run my own stuff… Also meditation is something that’s truly changed my mindset.”

“Stargazing is something I’m really interested in. It might sound a bit weird.” Bec laughs and continues… “ I’ve actually said to my husband, if he’s looking at getting me something for Christmas, I’d love a telescope. So we can go out — even with my son — and just stargaze and learn more about what’s up there!”

Rebecca Seaborn, a woman with long blonde hair, smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black jacket and standing against a neutral background.

At Conplant we’ve been Australia’s leading Compaction experts for decades and a big part of that is having staff members like Bec who have years of experience and love connecting with our customers. Speaking of the industry Bec says…

“You do get to know them and what’s going on in their life as well. That’s what Conplant is all about, it’s about relationships.”

Conplant really is powered by the amazing team members that we have, doing such great work. The personal, friendly and reliable service that people come to expect from Conplant is a testament to that. 

 We are incredibly humbled that Bec has chosen to be with us for the past 10 years and we’re looking forward to 10 more!

Thanks Bec — wishing you a very happy Conplant anniversary!

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