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Wacker Neuson EZ36 Excavator

Performance meets maximum efficiency

The Wacker Neuson EZ36 is guaranteed to increase productivity and make working for the operator even more enjoyable and efficient.

Delivering powerful performance and up to 15% accelerated workflow, thanks to the optimised engine pump management system, the EZ36 is the perfect choice for contractors who often work in small spaces.

Couple your EZ36 with the marveled Vertical Dig System (VDS) for variable tilting. 

And the best place to get an EZ36?

Right here at Conplant with a Five-year/5000-hour warranty.

A bright yellow Wacker Neuson EZ26 compact excavator with a front bucket attachment is depicted on a white background. Highlighting its adjustable tilt feature, the excavator boasts a 15-degree VDS (Vertical Digging System) logo to the right. The zero tail excavator ensures excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.

The best equipment, only at Conplant.

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The latest technology and safety innovations

User-friendly operating concept and cabin comfort

The intuitive operating concept, combined with precise control, shortens working cycles and saves time and money. 

Easy and comprehensive control of the excavator thanks to ergonomically designed joystick, jog dial, key pad and 3.5 inch display.

The Wacker Neuson EZ36 has a large comfortable cabin, with factory fitted air conditioning, is ROPS certified. 

Coupled with a well-known Jog-dial system from the automotive sector enables an intuitive selection of the appropriate operating mode via turn-push button:

  • ECO mode – the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work.
  • Power mode – maximum pump performance for fast and powerful work.
A man smiling and sitting inside the cabin of a Wacker Neuson EZ36, engaging in conversation with a woman standing outside. Both are dressed in work uniforms, and the setting appears to be a construction or work site.

Vertical Digging System (VDS)

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious!

Greater productivity, improved efficiency: Shorter digging times due to exact vertical digging.

A man kneels in front of a yellow zero tail excavator, inspecting the bucket, while a woman stands beside him, pointing at the Wacker Neuson machinery. Both are dressed in work clothes, and the scene appears to be on a paved area outside, with buildings visible in the background.

Zero Tail - for when it gets tight

The Wacker Neuson EZ36 has compact dimensions and thanks to no rear overhang and can swing conveniently – even in the smallest of spaces.

The windscreens of the EZ36 can be adapted to the conditions on the construction site:

  • Closed windscreen: ideal protection no matter what the weather.
  • Open windscreen: easy ventilation of the cabin and unrestricted communication with colleagues.
  • Both windscreens can be stored under the cabin roof – so they do not get lost.

Transport made easy

Easy and safe transport thanks to 6 large lashing eyes on the chassis frame and 2 on the dozer blade.

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