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Wacker Neuson Series RD

The Series RD roller is ready to roll. And roll. And roll.

Oozing quality and expertise right down to the last detail, Wacker Neuson’s range of tandem rollers produce first-class results every time.

With outstanding handling, a long service life and compaction grunt, our range of Series RD tandem rollers are unmatched when it comes to asphalt construction or classic compaction work.

Image of a yellow Wacker Neuson Series RD 27 tandem vibratory roller, used for compacting soil, gravel, concrete, and asphalt in construction projects. The machine features two large rollers, a driver's seat, and controls, with the brand logo visible on the side.

The best equipment, only at Conplant.

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Why choose a Wacker Neuson tandem roller?

When it comes to tandem rollers, no one does them better than Wacker Neuson. They’re got the power, performance and reliability you look for, while offering the latest innovation and technology you need.

At Conplant, we’ve got 19 different tandem or combination models to choose from, all equipped with rollover protection. They also feature a vibration-insulated operator’s cabin and 3-point articulation for the ultimate mobility and comfort, and there’s even remote control models available as well.

A yellow and grey Wacker Neuson Series RD tandem roller with large front and rear drums used for compacting surfaces. The operator's cab features glass windows and a visible steering wheel. The front bumper proudly displays the Wacker Neuson logo.

The best equipment, only at Conplant.

Whether a tandem, combination or oscillation roller: Wacker Neuson’s RD Series of rollers has a large selection – and therefore the right machine for each of your requirements.

No matter what you’re after, our team of experts are ready to help with your quote needs.

Simply fill in the form below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

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Keen to add an RD model to your worksite? Chat with our friendly experts about your needs and we’ll organise an RD model that’s perfect for your next job.