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Introducing IICAS intelligent integrated collision avoidance system

By Liam Brosnan
December 8, 2018

Introducing IICAS: Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System

As part of our commitment to improve safety, we’ve taken another technological leap with our Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System (IICAS).

Conplant has been developing IICAS for over two years using its extensive site applications experience to ensure the system is fit for purpose and practical in real world applications.

IICAS can be fitted to both articulated and ridged-frame machines to assist the operator in detecting and avoiding potential collisions between the machine and people, vehicles, other machines or structures.

It’s part of our objective to ensure collisions in working environments are reduced or avoided.

How does it work?

IICAS uses a True 3D Smart Camera with Intelligent functions to actively detect potential collisions and take appropriate measures to avoid them.

When the system detects a potential collision, it gives an audible and visual warning to the operator and slows down the machine.

If the operator doesn’t respond quickly to take steps to avoid a potential collision, IICAS will automatically stop the machine.

Like technology common in the automotive industry, IICAS is an operator assistance system which is designed to reduce collisions.

IICAS is not a replacement for appropriate operator competency or traffic control and normal site risk management.

The benefits of the IICAS system

Reducing collisions on worksites is a key objective of all responsible organisations.

Using machines fitted with IICAS improves safety and reduces risk. It also can reduce the associated costs, both human and financial, as a result of collisions.

IICAS can be tailored to suit your application

We can vary the systems parameters such as field of interest, zone heights and widths as well as slowing and braking distances.

If you’d like to see the possibilities of this technology first-hand, we have it fitted to a number of our rollers which we can demonstrate. Get in touch with us today.

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