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Conplant acquires High Energy Impact Compaction specialists

By Simon Willson
January 30, 2024

Conplant acquires USA and South African based High Energy Impact Compaction specialists

Conplant has strengthened its specialist ground improvement capabilities through its acquisitions of Landpac IGES (USA) and Anro Impact Compaction (South Africa). Both acquisitions are High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC) specialist businesses and the transactions completed on Monday 29 January 2024.

This follows Conplant’s acquisitions of impact compaction specialists Landpac Asia-Pacific in October 2021, and Broons Impact Rollers in August 2023, together with its expansion into the USA in June of 2023, through its new wholly owned subsidiary, Dynamic Compaction Solutions.

A construction site with heavy machinery including a green tractor pulling a large yellow roller, an excavator digging in the background, and a worker in an orange safety vest and hard hat standing on the right side. The area, managed by Conplant specialists, is cleared for High Energy Impact Compaction.

Conplant’s Managing Director, Ian Coleman said “Conplant has a strong history and reputation as compaction specialists, and these acquisitions are a perfect fit with our product and geographical expansion plans.

We now have the capability to manufacture, sell and support high quality 3, 4 and 5-sided impact compactors. Together with our own University backed research and development capabilities, this will place us in a unique position for the ongoing development of this technology. This will ensure we will continue to deliver an unmatched value proposition for our customers.

What’s most exciting for us is the opportunity to welcome some exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced and passionate people, to what is already a very strong team. In particular, we welcome Ryan Thompson from Landpac IGES and Roger Stromsoe from Anro Impact Compaction. Ryan is already driving Dynamic Compaction Solutions as its Vice President, and Roger will consult to the entire group on HEIC.

“I’m looking forward to working with our combined Dynamic Compaction Solutions and Landpac IGES customers and growing High Energy Impact Compaction in North and South America. The level of expertise we have, and our range of equipment, places us in a unique position to deliver unmatched quality and value for our customers. This is an exciting time for our team and our customers.” said Ryan Thompson.

A green and yellow agricultural tractor with four large tires is pulling a heavy-duty yellow tillage tool over a dry, dusty field. In the background, there are trees, some Conplant construction equipment, and structures under a clear blue sky.

Roger Stromsoe, Owner and Managing Director of Anro Impact Compaction said “It’s fantastic to see Anro, its products, and its technology going to a business with such a passion for High Energy Impact Compaction, innovation and delivering value for its customers. I’m looking forward to seeing where I can add value from my 40 years of high energy impact compactor manufacturing and applications experience.”

About Landpac IGES

Landpac IGES, Inc. (Landpac IGES), a leader in high energy impact compaction throughout North and South America, offers innovative alternatives to traditional compaction methods, enabling significant time and cost savings while enhancing quality assurance. Their equipment and technologies not only enable accelerated project completion and real-time monitoring, but also provide a competitive advantage and enhance project management efficiency.

A green and yellow tractor with large tires is pulling a heavy, yellow cylindrical roller on a dirt field, showcasing the impact compaction capabilities. Trees, houses, and a blue sky with some clouds are visible in the background.

About Anro Impact Compaction

Anro Impact Compaction (Pty) Ltd (Anro) and its Managing Director, Roger Stromsoe, has strong links back to the invention of impact compaction. Roger’s father-in-law invented the impact compactor and manufactured the first machine. Since then, Anro has become a leader in the manufacturing and use of high energy impact compactors. Anro’s advanced 3 and 5-sided impact compactors ensure efficient, cost-effective compaction, reducing both costs and project duration. Anro compactors are renowned for their capabilities in deep in situ and thick layer compaction, offering lower costs per cubic meter, faster compaction speeds, and effective proof rolling. Committed to service excellence, Anro high energy impact compactors ensure that compaction specifications are consistently met, through the manufacture and supply of the best High Energy Impact Compaction equipment in the industry.

A Conplant black and yellow bulldozer with the identifier "LP768" is moving across a large, open construction site filled with reddish-brown soil. In the background, there are piles of dirt, construction materials, and a blue sky with a few clouds, showcasing High Energy Impact Compaction specialists in action.


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