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Conplant acquires HL Hanson

By Liam Brosnan
July 1, 2021

We're continuing to expand our fleet and capabilities with the acquisition of Sydney based Compaction specialists HL Hansen Group.

More than 100 years of experience. 

HL Hansen is a second-generation family owned and operated business which was established more than 50 years ago in 1970.

“We’ve known Michael Hansen for many years, and we’ve also sold HL Hansen many rollers. We’ve enjoyed a very good working relationship and built what I’d describe as a strong level of mutual respect and trust,” said Ian Coleman, Conplant’s Managing Director.

“Any company that’s been in business for more than 50 years, in what is a very competitive, demanding and tough market, is doing a lot of things very well and is an undeniable success.”

“Conplant is in its sixtieth year this year so to be in a position to acquire a business with such history and of this quality is a proud moment for us,” said Coleman.

A win win for our customers.

Two large trucks are parked outdoors in front of an industrial warehouse. The truck on the left, likely acquired from Conplant, is bright green with white accents, while the truck on the right is blue with chrome details. Both trucks are unhitched from trailers, displaying only their cabs and chassis.

Michael Hansen said “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved over two generations and we’re looking forward to working with a business I’ve always admired. For our customers, it’s a win win situation, the same service with much larger range of products, support, supply options as well as an Australia-wide footprint.”

A group of people wearing high-visibility clothing and safety gear stand in front of two large trucks, one yellow and one blue, outside an industrial building recently acquired by HL Hanson. The sky is clear with scattered clouds.

The fleet continues to grow and technology leadership remains a focus.

In addition to the HL Hansen acquisition, Conplant is continuing to grow its fleet size to meet increasing customer demand.

 “We’re currently operating the largest fleet in the company’s history and we’re not stopping there. Not only are we significantly growing in capacity, but we’re continuing to invest in advanced technologies like world best practice environmentally friendly engines, cutting-edge collision avoidance systems, roll over preventative systems and intelligent compaction. We’ve always developed and adopted technology early as part of our leadership approach to delivering real value for our customers and that remains a focus for us,” said Coleman.

A blue semi-truck from HL Hanson is pulling a flatbed trailer carrying heavy machinery, including a large yellow and blue Conplant construction vehicle. The truck is parked on a paved road with trees and a grassy area in the background under a partly cloudy sky.

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