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Construction Equipment Technology

By Liam Brosnan
April 18, 2023

The latest advances in construction equipment technology.

Have you noticed the serious upheaval in heavy construction equipment technology over the past few years? Do you feel like your business might be falling behind? Breakthrough innovation is going full steam and has paved the way for higher levels of accuracy, productivity and cost effectiveness on the work site.  

In this blog, we want to get you up to date on how traditional construction tools have melded with smart gadgets for more efficient ways of operating. We’d like to focus on The Völkel Intelligent Compaction system as a prime example of software and tech that’s changing the game. 

Want to deep dive on the The Völkel Intelligent Compaction system? Click below to get the full rundown.

A close-up of a vehicle's dashboard showing a steering wheel on the left and advanced equipment featuring a digital tablet mounted on the right. The tablet displays a navigation map with color-coded routes indicating a curved path, while construction is visible in the background on the partially paved road.

Advancements in heavy equipment with an intelligent compaction system.

There’s a new game-changer on the work site in the Völkel Intelligent Compaction system, that plants your feet firmly on smartly formed soil and asphalt. Forget all the guesswork that’s typically involved – this is a fully intelligent system that helps you view density, stiffness, and asphalt temperature on a screen, in real-time, through clever sensors and GPS tech. What’s more, it: 

  • Measure soil compaction with precision. 
  • Plug and play for convenience and versatility. 
  • Get Cloud-based intelligence for real-time data. 
  • Access accurate documentation with ease. 

The system enables operators to make adjustments on the fly for an immaculate end result, cutting down passes and ultimately saving time and money. The beauty of a compaction system is that it partners with your existing rollers and other machines to create a hybrid compaction powerhouse that inspires new standards for construction equipment technology.

A man in a white hard hat, safety glasses, fluorescent orange safety vest, and light blue shirt is standing next to a yellow construction vehicle, looking at a piece of technology in his hand. The background shows a dusty construction site with trees in the distance.

Ready to lead the way with new equipment? Take a look at some of the latest construction and compaction equipment we’ve forged with ​​renowned manufacturer Wacker Neuson.

A new tool with Advanced Vibration Sensors

No more heavy lifting, or prodding around in the dirt, hoping for the best. The Völkel Intelligent compaction system does all the groundwork for you, with vibration sensors brilliantly designed, to pick up shifts in the density and stiffness of the soil which: 

  • Eliminates the guesswork.  
  • Gives you the ideal compaction, every time. 
  • Instantly detects shifts in density. 
  • Shows you the number of passes.  
A person holds a tablet displaying a colorful field analysis map inside a vehicle. The data on the screen includes various charts, graphs, and numerical information with green and yellow highlighted areas, suggesting agricultural or land management analysis using advanced technology.

So how does this benefit your business overall?

Here are just some of the ways: 

  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Pristine finishes. 
  • Consistent results. 
  • Keeps costs low. 

The future of construction tech is versatile and convenient.

The system might sound really techy, but you don’t have to do a short course to learn how to operate it. The whole idea is to simplify the way you operate rather than complicate it. 

All it takes is a simple rig up to your existing roller or other heavy machinery and you’re away. This new technology in construction equipment has been cleverly designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow: 

  • Easy installation. 
  • Effortlessly move the unit between machines. 
  • No need for extra units. 
  • Plug and play capabilities. 

If you’d like to get a quote on the system, it’s too easy to reach our sales department – we can organise a quote on the Völkel Intelligent compaction system or any other Conplant product that grabs your eye.

Ready to lead the way with new equipment? Take a look at some of the latest construction and compaction equipment we’ve forged with ​​renowned manufacturer Wacker Neuson.

Two individuals wearing orange safety vests and helmets are working near a large yellow construction vehicle. One is kneeling and holding a measuring tape to the ground, while the other is squatting and assisting with the measurement. The scene features advanced construction technology in an outdoor setting.

A cloud-based server that streamlines construction.

It seems like everyone’s got their head up in the cloud at the moment, particularly in the office, but it can also be fantastic on the worksite.

Sync it. See it. Sort it.

The best part about the cloud is it saves you time fussing with servers, with large file send. There’s less time in the office and more time getting those foundations right. Any contractor that needs vital stats on soil or asphalt, can access them instantly from anywhere in the world. 

The cloud-based element of The Völkel Intelligent Compaction system is what really makes it shimmer, with the ability to make smart judgements against real time information – it also negates the necessity for traditional storage, which helps to cut costs.

A gray, rectangular piece of technology with cables connected to it is mounted on a yellow surface outdoors. The device has a label and connectors on its side, with one prominent cable attached to a metal fitting. The sun casts distinct shadows on the construction site.

Documentation made easy with CompactDoc

As you’re probably aware, there’s a whole lot of paperwork that goes with soil data, and it can be a real drag if you haven’t got an application to smooth it out. 

With CompactDoc you can swiftly produce reports and evaluations that comply with industry standards as you’re on the job. All the information that the advanced vibration sensors gather will be accessible from anywhere and translated to documents that are simple for colleagues and clients to decipher with. 

  • Access project files live, from anywhere.
  • Produce reports with ease.
  • Make compliant evaluations.  
  • Monitor progress over time.

We realise that providing your customers with accurate and transparent data is critical to your business, which is why the The Völkel Intelligent Compaction system has been specifically designed to make this element a breeze.

A close-up of a tablet displaying a color-coded bar graph with labels and statistics in a construction vehicle. The piece of technology is mounted near the vehicle's dashboard, with black cables connected to it. There are reflections on the screen indicating sunlight.

The Future of Construction Technology

At Conplant, we strive to provide solutions designed to empower your business to thrive well beyond tomorrow. As specialists in compaction, it’s a must for us to have our finger on the pulse of the latest construction equipment technology trends. Our aim is to do whatever it takes to clear the clutter and complexity, so you can get straight to the solution, quicker.  

We believe the Völkel Intelligent Compaction system to be a true gamechanger, which is why we’re proud to pair it with our equipment and clear the way for compaction that wows clients, colleagues and contractors. 

For a closer look at the Völkel Intelligent Compaction system click here. If you’d like to explore anything else in our range, you can take a look here.  And, if you’d like to chat with the Conplant team, get in touch today! Or give us a call on 1300 166 166 to chat out any questions you might have.

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