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Construction equipment that increases operator comfort and reduces preparation time

By Liam Brosnan
July 15, 2022

Say goodbye to spending time preparing level surfaces at the beginning of a job thanks to the Wacker Neuson VDS.

On job sites, you don’t get to pick the ground conditions you’re working with which can cause budget blowouts, potential safety hazards, and time delays on your project. That’s why you need to pick construction equipment that’s going to help you tick off those job tasks. So if you spend your days working on sloping blocks, hillsides, retaining walls, house walls or curbs then the Wacker Neuson VDS is for you.

What is VDS?

Cast your mind back to 1988 when the Wacker Neuson Vertical Dig System (VDS) was created. The system’s goal was to make excavating safer, more efficient, quicker and easier for the operator and allow exact vertical digging on uneven surfaces. Sounds great right? 

The VDS can be summarised in three words – safety, efficiency and stability. At the push of a button, it gives operators control to dig with accuracy on uneven surfaces. The hydraulically operated hinge point, which allows the top of the machine to tilt, makes it even more comfortable for the operator regardless of whether they are excavating walls and foundations, working on an embankment or laying cables and pipelines. Other features the VDS system offer is providing the operator with greater reach when loading and under awning access on  narrow or tight sites.

A yellow and gray Wacker Neuson excavator equipped with a Vertical Digging System (VDS) is shown tilted to the side. The VDS logo and the words "Vertical Digging System" are displayed next to the construction equipment, designed for enhanced operator comfort and reduced preparation time.

Hear why you need VDS on your site.

Paul Zeinert from Conplant recently interviewed Todd from URBANscape on the Gold Coast about his recent machinery purchase. Hear just what Todd and his team think about the VDS and the ET18 excavator.

Save time and money

Saving time on-site and sticking to the project budget are two things that often blow out when it comes to project management. The VDS could be the answer to your problems as it helps you cut down on excavating and preparation time. When excavating on uneven ground at a gradient of 15°or completing channel works, the VDS provides

  • Up to 25% material and time savings when excavating
  • Up to 25% material and time savings when filling
  • Extended loading capabilities with greater reach
  • Better site access to narrow or tight sites

When it comes to vertical digging on sloping ground, preparation and navigating around obstacles in the ground can also be time-consuming and costly. The VDS tilts the excavator away from the obstacle to make it easier to navigate and safer to travel right up alongside fences without the risk of damage. Ultimately, this means less wear and tear on your excavator.

In their natural state, soils have varying degrees of cohesive strength and frictional resistance. Ground conditions encountered in excavations can vary considerably and when working on slopes it takes a lot of extra care to avoid a nasty surprise.

At 15° tilt and full load, VDS from Wacker Neuson offers up to 20% increased stability (against collapse, tilting, sliding and roll over). VDS also provides up to 30% more dumping height on sloping grounds at 15° gradient with the added benefit of full swing power throughout the entire 360°.

Key Features of the VDS

We know ground conditions are unpredictable but with the VDS from Wacker Neuson stability is priceless with

  • up to 20% increased stability against collapse, tilting and sliding (at 15° tilt and full load)
  • up to 30% more dumping height on sloping grounds (at 15° gradient with full swing power throughout the entire 360°)
  • Increased operator comfort as the operator sits upright and straight meaning less fatigue and strain on the spinal column
  • Up to 25% material and time savings when excavating on uneven ground at a gradient of 15° 
  • Up to 25% material and time savings when filling on uneven ground at a gradient of 15° 
  • The revolving superstructure is immediately brought into the horizontal position which allows for higher load carrying capacities. 

Familiar seat position for fatigue free working conditions.

Exact control and precise results make VDS virtually indispensable for excavation work around obstacles and in confined spaces but to really appreciate just how VDS can help you need to consider the operators sitting and working postures.

Adopting a safe working position on a construction site is as important as having the right tool to complete the task. Back and neck pain in operators is one of the most common lost time injuries in construction. Prolonged sitting at unnatural angles including inclined seating positions can have a massive impact on operators overall musculoskeletal health and should be taken into consideration.  

VDS enables operators to sit in a comfortable upright position making it easier, safer, and more ergonomically friendly. 

No one has time for inaccurate digging on curbs, or lack of precision when drilling on hillsides. 

Call our team on 1300 166 166  if you’re wanting stability and precise vertical digging equipment for your site or visit www.conplant.com.au

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