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National dealer for Develon Mini Excavators

By Liam Brosnan
July 22, 2023

Conplant to Distribute Develon Mini Excavators

Conplant has been appointed as the national dealer for the DEVELON Mini Excavator line, previously known as Doosan.

With the newly branded DEVELON machines to be seen in Australia from Late-2023, this further strengthens our construction offering by adding another major global player to our list of partners.

We’re excited about this increase in our range and know that it will provide our customers with more equipment options and more predictability to finish 2023 on the right foot. By adding DEVELON mini excavators to our fleet we will ensure the continued availability of top-quality equipment in Australia — despite the ongoing supply chain pressures faced by equipment manufacturers worldwide. These excavators are known for their operator comfort and dependability with a range that includes equipment from 1.9t to 10t.

It’s exciting to be able to announce this while Hyundai Doosan Infracore (HDI) undertake the global rebranding of Doosan construction equipment, so we can start to market a new and exciting brand like DEVELON to the market that is designed, built & supported by such a well-known manufacturer” said Conplant’s National Sales Manager, Guy Tome. 

Why has Doosan rebranded to DEVELON?

The plan to rebrand Doosan as DEVELON, was set in motion after HD Hyundai acquired HDI as a subsidiary in August 2021. The rebranding strategy intends to boost the company’s position as a premier player in the global construction equipment industry by launching a new brand.

Doosan chose the DEVELON name to demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to developing onwards: combining “develop” and “onwards”.

At Conplant, we’re dedicated to the success of the  DEVELON brand. We’re committed to increasing its popularity in Australia and providing customers with the necessary support to gain a competitive advantage through DEVELON’s advanced technology.

What does this mean for Conplant customers?

By partnering with DEVELON, Conplant can offer our customers access to high-quality, innovative mini excavators and ensure the continued availability of top-quality equipment in Australia. With the backing of a well-known manufacturer like Hyundai Doosan Infracore (HDI), customers can trust that these excavators are built to last.

Guy Tome added that “Excavators have started to land at our depots, and we are looking forward to getting out into the field and talking to our customers about the range of DEVELON mini excavators.

At Conplant, we’re thrilled that Hyundai Doosan Infracore (HDI) shares our vision for growth and technology. DEVELON, has been launched globally and investment in new technologies is ongoing to ensure a competitive advantage. HDI has introduced the new brand and will discontinue the Doosan brand’s use on its construction equipment.

The bigger picture for Hyundai Doosan Infracore (HDI)

Under the brand name DEVELON, we know that HDI will continue to offer innovative products and solutions that surpass expectations.

Cho Young-cheul, CEO of HDI has this to say… “The three construction equipment businesses have already solidified their status as one of the key business pillars of HD Hyundai and has built an unwavering foundation for achieving performance targets and creating synergistic effects among each other, amid the rapidly changing global economic environment,”

He added, “DEVELON will lead the future market of electrification and automation to spur growth and become a brand with more confidence among our customers.”

Chat to our team to find out more!

If you’re looking to find out more about the new range, be sure to get in touch with the Conplant team.

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