Helping you meet your Indigenous Procurement Policy targets

By Liam Brosnan
August 8, 2022

Do you have IPP targets to meet? Conplant has you covered.

At Conplant, we’re committed to supporting Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander businesses and since 2018 we’ve had an Indigenous Engagement Policy in place to help our customers meet their Indigenous Procurement targets when working on Government-funded projects, whilst ensuring we have a positive social impact across community. 

Our commitment

As part of our policy we commit to supporting the development of strong and sustainable indigenous businesses through the following actions:

  Adhering to all government and customer policies and strategies surrounding Indigenous engagement including the IPP, Aboriginal participation in construction and various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business development and employment strategies.

  • Continuing partnership with Gear Select.
  • Educating our workers in Aboriginal Cultural awareness
  • Embracing a best practice approach to Indigenous Engagement through objectives and targets and applying a process of continual review and improvement.

A big factor in the success of our policy is our continued partnership with Gear Select.

What is Gear Select?

Gear Select is a supply nation-registered  Indigenous business focused on providing equipment finance and hire solutions to the Australian Construction and Government sectors to strengthen indigenous business and employment outcomes.

Gear Select exists to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and to close the gap in higher education and employment opportunities. It focuses on building communities where training, education and businesses can meet and interact to encourage a supportive transition to a work environment in key industries including construction and finance.

Gear also aims to assist Indigenous businesses improve their access to capital through education and shared business experience to assist them to grow.

A man wearing a neon orange safety vest and business attire stands next to a vibrantly painted yellow steamroller on a dirt construction site under a partly cloudy sky. The steamroller features intricate Indigenous designs and the word "Compliant" on the side.

Our Partnership with Gear Select

We have provided a strong platform for Gear to grow by funding fleet with Gear as well as providing a platform to finance equipment to our client base. This relationship has allowed Gear to employ, and also engage with community on a number of programs to assist with employment pathways into construction. Recently, we have also shared our expertise and business resources to allow them to build their own hire fleet.

We are proud to be able to partner with the Gear team to provide our customers with a range of equipment solutions  to meet their needs and help them hit their Indigenous Procurement targets and also make a difference across community outcomes.

What are Indigenous Procurement Policies?

 Indigenous Procurement Policies have been put in place at both federal and state government levels  to stimulate and generate indigenous business development and positive employment outcomes on government spend and or projects. These targets vary from 1.5% to 3% of the contract value or spend with the intent of improving economic outcomes for indigenous businesses and employment for community. The policies have different names depending on the government agency, for example at a Federal level the policy is called Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) where as NSW, WA and NT have their own Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) and in  Queensland you have Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy (QIPP). Check your local government agency for the latest details.

Logo of Gear Select, featuring a stylized red and orange swoosh on the left. The text "Gear Select" is in bold black letters, followed by the words "Finance Hire Sales" in smaller orange letters underneath, showcasing their finance offering.

How can we help you meet your targets?

We are proud to partner with Gear Select in helping young Indigenous Aboriginal people get into the construction and finance industries. Our long-standing relationship means we can provide you with access to a comprehensive range of equipment solutions in finance andopand hire tions that meet your commercial needs while  helping you achieve your Indigenous Procurement targets and importantly making an impact to community.   

If you want more information on how we can help you reach your Indigenous procurement policy goals contact our team on 1300 166 166.

A large yellow piece of construction equipment featuring colorful dot art is secured to a flatbed trailer with chains. The equipment displays text reading "Proudly supporting Aboriginal Participation" as part of the Indigenous Procurement Policy. Trees and power lines are visible in the background.

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