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Combination Rollers – The Best Construction Rollers

By Liam Brosnan
December 7, 2022

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds With Combination Rollers (Top 5 Benefits)

Can’t decide which the best construction roller is for your business? Or are you tossing up between a Smooth Drum and a Pneumatic-Tyred Roller? Well, there is a middle-ground solution…

As the name suggests Combination Rollers have a combination of:

  •  A single vibrating smooth drum on the front of the machine 
  • And tyres, in pneumatic tyre configuration, on the rear

As a result, they deliver the benefits of both a Smooth Drum and a Pneumatic-Tyred Roller in one efficient machine making them one of the best construction rollers. With the rear wheels bringing finesse to the job, the front roller will bring the vigorous force required for compaction.

Combination Rollers are primarily used on road maintenance and patching applications. When there’s repair work to be done, their versatility can be a godsend on site — and deliver the ideal range of finishes required. Now let’s dive into some of the other best use cases for having the smooth drum, tyre combination…

Great for a specific range of applications

This type of equipment is often used to complement bigger rollers being used on-site. They’re perfect for compacting cross-joints and working in restricted spaces and are ideal for compacting thin layers and soft asphalt compounds. They are specially designed for repair work, but can also be used for paving small streets, footpaths and bicycle paths. Combination Rollers are ideal for spray seal applications, asphalt or general base layer compaction — where both vibration compaction and surface texture need to be achieved.

Combination Roller

The perks of combination rollers

So, what’s all the fuss about? For starters, the rubber wheels on the rear of the roller ensure a denser and smoother surface on the asphalt — giving a fantastic final result. And the driver only has to focus on the front drum when close to kerbs, thanks to the softer rubber tyres on the rear. This means a reduction in potential damage via kerb strikes — resulting in a better-finished product! 

The rubber tyres massage the stones on the surface bringing fine aggregates in the mix towards the top layer, creating a tight, smooth surface that resists water intrusion. But it’s not all about the rear wheels — the front drum provides the dynamic forces often necessary for achieving compaction. With a Combination Roller, this is all possible with one machine (saving significant money in hire costs and transportation fees).

Now let’s look at the primary reasons you might want to choose a Combination Roller…

Combination Roller 8t

Top 5 reasons to get a Combination Roller for your next project

  1. Cost benefits thanks to a reduction in the number of rollers needed to complete the job
  2. A reduction in transport costs to move equipment from one job to another
  3. An increase in productivity and profits by providing greater control over the compactive performance
  4. Get the job done quicker as a result of fewer passes needed to get the desired result 
  5. K.I.S.S. — if the job can be done with one machine, then why complicate things with more equipment and more paperwork? Keep it simple… 

How to get the best construction rollers

Combination Rollers truly are the best of both worlds in certain applications. The vibratory front steel drum on the front of the roller provides compactive effort while the pneumatic tyres on the rear of the roller provide greater density, fewer voids and a superior seal.

At Conplant, we have a range of equipment with weights from 3,600kg up to 10,000kg available for hire. With Australia’s most comprehensive roller hire range, we have equipment across all classes and applications — not just the options everyone else has. Our vast range means we can meet your civil infrastructure project requirements effortlessly. 

If you’ve got any questions about compaction or construction, give us a call on 1300 166 166. You can find your nearest branch here.

A construction worker wearing a white hard hat and orange safety vest operates a yellow and black Wacker Neuson roller compactor on a road. There are trees and a traffic cone in the background. The worker is looking down, appearing focused on the task at hand, showcasing the precision required in construction.

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