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Conplant purchases Broons Impact Roller business

By Liam Brosnan
August 1, 2023

Conplant has announced the acquisition of the specialist Impact Roller business of Adelaide based Broons Group as it remains dedicated to the enhancement of its product offerings and the broadening of its service capabilities.

The new entity will trade under the name of Broons Impact Rollers and will continue with the design, manufacture, sale and rental of Square Impact Rollers, both throughout Australia and overseas.

Conplant’s Managing Director, Ian Coleman, said, “This is a very special moment for us. Broons introduced their unique Square Impact Roller close to 40 years ago, and for us to take over their specialist ground improvement division is a testament to the confidence we have in the product, a view shared by their hundreds of clients from all around the world.”

A red and yellow tractor labeled "BH01" is pulling a green Broons Impact Roller in a mining site. The background features layers of exposed rock and a large wall of excavated earth. The ground is covered in dark, loose material typical of mining environments.

“The Broons name is synonymous with innovative design, quality product and exceptional customer service, values we also share at Conplant. Their Impact Roller business is a great fit for us and compliments our recent investments in Landpac Asia-Pacific and Dynamic Compaction Solutions (USA), which both specialise in impact compaction. The purchase also completes the range of impact compaction available from us which now includes 3, 4 and 5 sided units. The depth of experience and knowledge being retained is also a significant plus for the business and our customers”.

Senior Engineer, Derek Avalle, will continue his long association with Broons Impact Rollers. He can be contacted on 0430 445 486 or derek.avalle@broonsimpactrollers.com.

Broons’ Square Impact Rollers remain in constant demand on some of the world’s largest projects, including Olympic stadiums, international airports and offshore island developments throughout the Middle East. Spanning road projects, mining operations and the agricultural sector, Broons Impact Rollers are used on virtually any project that requires insitu ground improvement or rock rubbilisation.

“It’s been a wonderful journey but it’s time to hand over the Impact Roller business to a new partner who’s keen to invest in this unique technology and develop it even further, we’re confident Conplant is the right choice given the historical synergies of both companies,” said Stuart Bowes, Director of Broons Group.

A red Case IH tractor with large black wheels pulls a green Broons Impact Roller across a vast dirt field. The equipment, possibly acquired through a recent business purchase, seems to be preparing the ground, potentially for agricultural or construction purposes.

“We continue to see enormous demand for our towed compaction equipment range including Combination, Vibrating and Grid rollers along with our Graderoll Mono that’s supplied as an OEM fitment to the major grader manufacturers and we’ve made the decision to concentrate our strengths in these markets. We’ll remain involved with the Impact Roller business to ensure a smooth transition to Conplant.”  said Stuart Bowes, Director of Broons Group.

A collage of four images: 
1. Three Conplant tractors working on a dusty terrain.
2. Cargo being loaded onto an airplane by a conveyor belt.
3. A worker in a hard hat and orange vest using a laptop inside a vehicle near a construction site.
4. Interior of an aircraft filled with secured cargo packages from a recent business purchase.

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