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Everything you need to know about mini loaders

By Liam Brosnan
May 3, 2022

Who says size doesn’t matter when it comes to machinery? Don’t let the name fool you, our mini loaders pack a huge punch. They’re also able to access hard-to–get places that other machines are unable to access.

Read on to find out why mini loaders are a huge benefit to your site.

When would I use a mini loader?

Mini loaders are often overlooked due to their smaller size. But if you do a lot of work in tight, narrow spaces like suburban residential properties, the jack-of-all-trades mini loader is a must-have on your work site.

A mini loader is the perfect machine to help you move dirt, rock or other hard fill and landscape materials either down the side of a house or in a backyard. It’s perfect for construction sites or other commercial settings where a lightweight machine is required.

Other reasons you would use a mini loader:

  • Working on turf or asphalt thanks to reduced ground pressure compared to other machines,
  • Completing work on sites where you need to access narrow walkways, suburban backyards or even paths between trees or buildings
  • Saving worker fatigue by replacing the need to use shovels and wheelbarrows 

Often when deciding on the right machine for your site, you’ll want to look at the size of the task and the amount of time you have available for its completion. A mini loader could help you complete jobs faster and more efficiently.

A white and yellow utility vehicle is towing a trailer carrying construction equipment, including a yellow compaction roller and a black machine. The area is an open construction site with more equipment in the background, including mini loaders. The scene is overcast.

So, now that you’ve got a better understanding of what mini loaders are, let’s dive deeper!

Advantages of mini loaders

Why would you select a mini loader over other machines?

  • Better visibility of the work area and task at hand as the operator is standing on the back of the machine and not being restricted by an enclosed cabin 
  • It’s lightweight therefore less likely to rip up yards
  • Cheaper to run and easier to maintain due to access to smaller components 
  • 100 plus easy-to-change and versatile attachments for a range of applications
  • Ease of operations thanks to hand controls, meaning less operator exhaustion and fatigue

5 things to know before operating a mini loader

At Conplant, safety is always top of mind. And while mini loaders can be a great help on site, there are also a few things you need to take into consideration before you use one to guarantee a safe, successful project:

  • Never carry a load or heavy attachment with the arms in a raised position
  • Keep feet, and clothing away from all moving parts 
  • Take the time to understand the controls and how everything works 
  • Keep a safe operating distance between yourself, your attachment and anybody within the immediate vicinity 
  • Ensure you are wearing the correct clothing and personal protective equipment e.g. gloves, eye protection and earmuffs as a minimum

To find out more about how you could use a mini loader, contact your local Conplant branch on 1300 166 166. Our team of trained experts are on hand to help you walk through our range and find the perfect model for your next job.

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